Review process and criteria

lowwwcarbon is a showcase of the best low-carbon, sustainably built websites on the internet. For any submitted websites we review them to check whether they meet our standards of a sustainable, low-carbon website, based on our review criteria.

This isn’t a showcase of websites that just look beautiful, but for websites that show a commitment to lowering their carbon emissions through design and development techniques.


Review process

Our review process is quite simple at this early stage of lowwwcarbon.



The Criteria

We feature websites that show a real commitment to being low-carbon. For a website to be featured it must:

We reserve the right to refuse a website if it does not adhere to these criteria. With respect, we ask that you do not submit more than 5 websites a day.


Amendments to the criteria

As the lowwwcarbon platform grows, we may tweak how we test and review websites to be featured. When we do, we shall update this page with the relevant information to update visitors looking to submit their sites for review.