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Why this site needs your sponsorship

I've been proud to personally offer the showcase and case studies for free, without the need for advertising or other revenue to cover the costs. It has so far been funded out of my own pocket.

However, with the continued financial crisis, I am now in a position where I need to ask for help from this wonderful community to keep the site up and running, maintaining the open nature of the site and its showcase for many.

What your sponsorship will support


Sponsorship money will predominantly go towards the cost of hosting this website and its showcase, keeping the site free and open for as many people around the world as possible.

New features

If the costs of hosting are covered by the sponsorships, money will then go towards supporting the time spent creating new features to improve the user experience.

Climate action

If money exceeds these other costs, the remaining will go towards funding climate action projects via Ecologi.

In return for your sponsorship

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£100+ per year

— A large logo and link to your website on the homepage and at the top of a new sponsors page as a key sponsor

— Mentions on LinkedIn and Twitter

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£50+ per year

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£10+ per year

— Your name or company name, in text only, on a new sponsors page, listed as a supporter

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Who are you supporting?


My name is Nick Lewis. I'm a web developer from the UK.

I started this website after becoming aware of how climate change was affecting and continues to affect our planet, and how the internet plays a role in that.

Working in the tech industry day-in day-out and knowing some specific methods to make websites lighter, more efficient, and lower in carbon, I want to continue sharing this knowledge now and into the future.

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